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Introducing MA(X), the life sciences industry’s first Medical Affairs Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence​

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While AI is poised to accelerate and optimize Medical Affairs Operations, the readiness to adopt and availability to data to deliver on the ultimate value can be barriers to entry or limit the success of adoption within an organization.

MA(X) is a multi-faceted approach that facilitates transformation through change management, data, technologies and people.​

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    Clarify the value of AI for your organization

    The best technologies in the world are used by people. Processes put into motion for sharing insights, increasing collaboration and measuring ROI all mean rethinking more than just your technology. Getting clear on the business value you are delivering with technology will help you achieve measurable impact.

    "I use machine learning to recommend personalized KOL content."

    "I use machine learning to gain a deeper knowledge of what scientific insights are telling us about opportunities and risk."

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    Assess AI readiness with data, technology and people

    We help the best pharmaceutical companies in the world innovate and have learned that ultimate success begins with realistically assessing your organization’s current state and evaluating its ability to adopt change across multiple dimensions including data quality, technical expertise and operational maturity.

    A deep understanding

    • Data Systems​
    • Formats & Quality​
    • Internal Processes​
    • Training & Support Systems​
    • Access & Privacy​
    • Global Requirements​
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    Define data-driven objectives and measurable results

    Defining objectives and measurable results early on promotes a data-driven approach to Medical Affairs transformation that can track effectiveness and velocity over time, and helps establishes trust and support in the initiative from key stakeholders to Field Medical teams.​

    Focus on

    • Highest Short-term Impact​
    • Early Adopters​
    • Real-time Reporting
    • ​Outcomes & KPIs
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    Develop cross-functional playbook and evangelize​

    A Medical Affairs transformation playbook represents a cross-functional approach that incorporates equal parts change management, data and technology. Led by internal champions, the transformation maintains a consistent message from executives and operational teams across the organization.​

    MA(X) Playbook​

    • Illustrates a holistic architecture of current data systems, technologies and operational models​
    • Provides strategic framework and roadmap to short-term and long-term adoption and success​
    • Stakeholder mapping, roles and responsibilities​
    • Educates on value of data using machine learning to leadership and teams​
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    Launch, learn and continuously innovate

    AI is a continuous process. Launching your AI platform is just the beginning, and overtime – as engagement increases and as data becomes richer – personalized recommendations and insights become more nuanced at an increasingly exponential rate. Strategies are refined and innovation becomes part of the fabric of the organization.​

Cue is an intelligent solution that uses AI to help organizations strengthen scientific discovery and engagements. ​With organizational alignment, change management and a tailored AI playbook from MA(X) in place, Cue can drive impactful results for Medical Affairs companies of any size. ​

With Cue, teams can plan and prepare for personalized KOL engagements and measure impact throughout the lifecycle of a drug.​

Key features

  • Stay informed about HCP engagements & activities​
  • Plan engagements aligned to imperatives​
  • Strategically plan conferences & generate reports​
  • Capture and analyze insights and observations​
  • Manage strategic imperatives​
  • Manage, follow and discovery HCPs​
  • Build and export reports​
  • Receive weekly HCP highlights via email​
  • Visualize Data in Reports​
  • Manage Your Profile & Interests​
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